Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tool #9

1. There needs to be an objective so the purpose will be educational.
2. Using technology devices in stations is just a new way of learning our objectives. We hold students accountable with paper and pencil workstations and accountability will help us assess the students and their learning.
3. Interactive websites we liked include Pattern Blocks under 1st grade Links for Kids. Students combine shapes to create another object. The students will write about the shapes they used and what they made with those shapes.
Another interactive website is Glogster where the kids can create their own interactive posters such as a natural resource posters and share with their classmates.
4.I liked Coin math free for use on the Ipods and Itouches for students to practice the names and values of coins. Students will be accountable by writing about what they did in their math journals.
Another great App is the Brainpop for Science or Social Studies. Students will be held accountable by completing the interactive quiz at the end of the video.
5. Another way to use the Ipad or Itouches would be to use Doodle Buddy for a choice in Wordstudy. The kids have spelling words every week and this would be a great way to practice writing the words. Apps for math facts would be great for the kids to practice their math facts. Apps for talking books would be another great tool for the children to practice reading.

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