Monday, February 13, 2012

Tool #7

Letter Writing using Classroom Blogs

A. Objective: TLW understand letter writing is a means of communicating by creating a letter to a classmate via a blog.

B. We plan to implement this writing blog after spring break.

C. Tools used: blog (creating, posting, commenting); hot-link: added to first grade webpage

D. After spring break TLW compose a letter to an assigned buddy in a different class. Topic: Spring Break. They will ask questions and the assigned buddy will respond by telling about their spring break and answering questions.


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  2. Ginger, I wonder if using their gmail accounts to email each other might be a better way for them to communicate virtually. Email writing, letter writing, and blogging are all a bit different skills but I think maybe emailing and letter writing might be more similar. All are skills they will need in the future! Let me know if you want to discuss this further. I am happy to help!