Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tool #5

This is a great way for students to have ownership in their work for other to see. It's also a great way for a class project to be shown as a whole. For instance, 4 groups of students might work on different parts of a project. Then, it will all be put together on here to complete the whole project. Another great way to use this is by taking pictures at a field trip and displaying it. It's a great way to show parents our hard work!!

Wordle: Addition Words

This is a great tool for the kids to use. I use it for learning adjectives, verbs, etc. It also helps students with their spelling. You could use this for any subject and content area. It's a great assessing tool at the end of a unit.


  1. I love your Stupeflix. That is a new layout! So cool! I just found out today tough that they have changed and you can no longer create unlimited 1 minute videos for free. YIKES!

  2. Ginger, I just read Karen's comment...I will buy the rights to make Stupeflick for next yea...loved your choice of layout ...