Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tool #11

This has definitely been an eye opener for me. I am happy to be more technology savvy because it will help me become a better teacher. I'm also excited for all of the opportunities that lie ahead of me with the new technology that is here, and the new technology that is on its' way.

1.Favorite tools:
Brainpop, Wordle, Tagxedo, story starters, Itouches, Google docs.
I am going to use Brainpop for a lesson on digital citizenship.

2.Transformed thinking: going to be using more activities, lessons and assignments with technology
Changed vision: realize there are many ways to teach content, one of which is using technology. Also a great form of assessment.
Changes for classroom: set up procedures and guidelines for technology use, make students accountable for technology use, time for exploring apps, will have to move things around in the classroom to make room for technology

3. There weren't any surprises but this has enforced my beliefs that technology is a very important tool to use when teaching my students.

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  1. Oh, WOW! Congratulations upon finishing 11 Tools! Wonderful postings and great enthusiasm, Ginger. I look forward to having your tech-savvy first graders in the library!