Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tool #3

Discovery Education is very useful as a enrichment of the curriculum in first grade. I use it for non-fiction videos which are rich in photographs and useful facts about what we are learning. For instance, we just watched a video on soil and used the information we learned by watching it to complete an anchor chart for our classroom. I was very impressed with my students and how they remembered the facts that were important. It really helps the visual and auditory learners.

I also use YouTube for songs and games for practicing skills that we are learning. It really makes learning fun for the kids. I find this resource very valuable for my teaching on a daily basis.

I have to insert the link on here because the video will not embed properly.

I appreciated learning about copyright laws. As long as I am using these videos for educational purposes, on a secure website, and giving credit where is belongs, I should be okay.

I created my Dropbox account and uploaded a file to my account. This concept will help me plan my lessons and acquire cool info, pictures, etc. while I am out in the real world, and then use them to better teach the curriculum in front of me. It gives me great flexibility in accessing information any time I need it. 

Tool #4

Learning about Google Apps is going to be very helpful to my team and I when we plan. This will allow us to ask for feedback on documents we are creating for our classroom. We won't have to send it via email or run down the hall to discuss it. We can also access documents readily when we are planning together.

Since I am teaching first grade, I feel that this tool will benefit my team and me more than it will directly effect my students. They will, of course, benefit by the document itself once it is finished and in their hands for completion.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tool #2

I enjoyed going to different blogs and reading what everyone has been up to. I also enjoyed commenting on the blogs. I felt comfortable in doing so. It feels a lot like Facebook but in this case I get to read about professional ideas and educational info that will help me become a better teacher.

 I plan to check out Twitter and Edmodo to learn more from fellow educators.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tool #1

I just did Tool #1 and it was a breeze. Probably should attribute that to Linsey's great directions! I'm rocking and rolling now!