Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tool #11

This has definitely been an eye opener for me. I am happy to be more technology savvy because it will help me become a better teacher. I'm also excited for all of the opportunities that lie ahead of me with the new technology that is here, and the new technology that is on its' way.

1.Favorite tools:
Brainpop, Wordle, Tagxedo, story starters, Itouches, Google docs.
I am going to use Brainpop for a lesson on digital citizenship.

2.Transformed thinking: going to be using more activities, lessons and assignments with technology
Changed vision: realize there are many ways to teach content, one of which is using technology. Also a great form of assessment.
Changes for classroom: set up procedures and guidelines for technology use, make students accountable for technology use, time for exploring apps, will have to move things around in the classroom to make room for technology

3. There weren't any surprises but this has enforced my beliefs that technology is a very important tool to use when teaching my students.

Tool #10

1. Lesson on digital citizenship:

  • Brainpop video with activotes-Internet Safety
  • Having class discussions on why it's important to be safe online, stranger danger, digital footprinting, etc.
  • Practice good digital citizenship in the classroom before expanding globally.
2. I-Safe factsheet from TxSSC
  • lessons on cyber community citizenship, cyber security, and personal safety
3. I will teach the "idea" of digitial citizenship by:
  • discussions
  • Brainpop
  • practicing in the classroom
4. I will include all of the info that we learn from the above lessons in our monthly newsletter, send home hard copies of quizzes for review, as well as sending emails as I see necessary.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tool #9

1. There needs to be an objective so the purpose will be educational.
2. Using technology devices in stations is just a new way of learning our objectives. We hold students accountable with paper and pencil workstations and accountability will help us assess the students and their learning.
3. Interactive websites we liked include Pattern Blocks under 1st grade Links for Kids. Students combine shapes to create another object. The students will write about the shapes they used and what they made with those shapes.
Another interactive website is Glogster where the kids can create their own interactive posters such as a natural resource posters and share with their classmates.
4.I liked Coin math free for use on the Ipods and Itouches for students to practice the names and values of coins. Students will be accountable by writing about what they did in their math journals.
Another great App is the Brainpop for Science or Social Studies. Students will be held accountable by completing the interactive quiz at the end of the video.
5. Another way to use the Ipad or Itouches would be to use Doodle Buddy for a choice in Wordstudy. The kids have spelling words every week and this would be a great way to practice writing the words. Apps for math facts would be great for the kids to practice their math facts. Apps for talking books would be another great tool for the children to practice reading.

Tool #8

1. Netbooks-
a. a flipcamera can be used with a netbook by plugging it into the USB port.
b. keep the vents clean and clear so the netbooks do not overheat
c. we can use the webcams to skype and take pictures. We can also download pictures from a digital camera.

2. Management of devices:
a. assign technology assistants to be in charge of making sure all devices are turned off and charged every day.
b. have procedures and guidelines in place before using any devices.
c. have an accountability piece so that we know students are using the devices for educational purposes.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tool #7

Letter Writing using Classroom Blogs

A. Objective: TLW understand letter writing is a means of communicating by creating a letter to a classmate via a blog.

B. We plan to implement this writing blog after spring break.

C. Tools used: blog (creating, posting, commenting); hot-link: added to first grade webpage

D. After spring break TLW compose a letter to an assigned buddy in a different class. Topic: Spring Break. They will ask questions and the assigned buddy will respond by telling about their spring break and answering questions.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tool #5

This is a great way for students to have ownership in their work for other to see. It's also a great way for a class project to be shown as a whole. For instance, 4 groups of students might work on different parts of a project. Then, it will all be put together on here to complete the whole project. Another great way to use this is by taking pictures at a field trip and displaying it. It's a great way to show parents our hard work!!

Wordle: Addition Words

This is a great tool for the kids to use. I use it for learning adjectives, verbs, etc. It also helps students with their spelling. You could use this for any subject and content area. It's a great assessing tool at the end of a unit.

Tool #6

Google Docs are a great way to create new activities for the classroom. We are able to share with our teammates and other educators. It's great to be a part of a large network of professionals and an awesome way to access excellent learning activities.

Skype in the Classroom!!!
We plan to skype with my niece in Buffalo New York. She's a Kindergarten teacher. We will focus on weather since we are studying the seasons. Since we are in Texas with 75 degree weather, and they are in New York with 20-30 degree weather, it will be a wonderful learning experience on both ends. We can't wait!!!